3 Tips On How To Deal With Minor Depression

Published: 28th January 2011
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Life is not always fun and games. From time to time, we all get blindsided and end up at a complete standstill...not knowing what to do. It is at this point that a lot of us start feeling sad, lonely and hopeless. Minor or major depression will depend on how long we remain in that state.

Here are three tips to deal with minor depression:

1. Accept

"Happiness can exist only in acceptance", said George Orwell. Why am I talking about happiness when you are hurting and feeling so low?

Well, the first step out of your depression is to accept and fully feel your current feelings. Tell yourself, "I accept that I am feeling depressed right now".

The next step is to accept the situation that you feel brought on or is causing your depression.

Acceptance might not automatically rid you of your depression, but it will help to slow the progression. It was Karl Jung who said, "What you resist, persists".

2. Grow

Depression can be a perfect opportunity for personal growth. You can become so miserable in a situation to the point where you conclude that you must make a change now.

Follow Les Brown's advise..."You can go through it or you can grow through it". Make a conscious decision to come out of your depressed state better than you went in. Use that time to rejuvenate...to recharge your batteries. Set some new goals for yourself, along with action plans.

3. Connect

It is quite common for many people to isolate themselves while experiencing feelings of depression. A lot of people around you will not understand what you are going through and will tell you to "snap out of it".

This is the time when you need to be very selective as to who you share your problems and feelings with. Try to choose a few of your friends/family members who will listen to you with empathy and understanding. Don't focus on quantity because one person can be enough to help you through this challenging time. Do realize that sometimes, even your spouse will not "be there" for you.

Another way to stay connected is to gather the strength you need to get out and do some volunteer work. Helping others who are less fortunate or who need a listening ear (i.e. the elderly) will help to speed up your recovery.

Life is all about change. Just like day comes after night and spring comes after winter, you can maintain the attitude that happiness can come after depression...that "this too shall pass".

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